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40 Mental Health Memes To Inspire Serotonin Production

Who is Sarah Tonin?
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Scatterbrained Memes For Unfocused People Who Don't Know What's Going On

Wait, what?
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30 Therapy Memes and Tweets for Humor-Seeking Better Mental Health Supporters

At this point, we should be able to accept that therapy is a net positive for humanity. While it's not necessary for everyone, it's an incredible resource for many individuals. I've seen a lot of people decry it as some sort of scam for weak-minded people throughout my life. Sure, not every therapist is incredible. From my experience, it's actually pretty tough to find the right one. Once you do, it's an incredibly cathartic and building experience. It's not pseudo-science; nobody is rubbing es…
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Sleep Memes for Restless Slumberers

Sleep is one of those fundamental human functions that just hits the spot. Feeling grumpy and sluggish? Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Take a nap or something. Quality of life is largely dependent on just how long and how well you sleep, so do it right. Personally, I’m not a great sleeper. It takes me an eternity to finally fall asleep. Even then, I’m up like two or three times throughout the night. And it makes me an unbearable person. But maybe you’re one of the lucky few who h…
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Relatable ADHD Memes for ADHD Havers

Having untreated attention deficit disorder growing up was a hectic time. At least one point each year, a teacher, counselor, or even Taekwondo instructor would point it out to me. But I was 9 years old, and my mom didn’t accept their theories. So 11 years later, I was diagnosed and life became slightly more manageable. For those who have ADHD or even those who know someone with it, there are a lot of quirks and behaviors that are easy to relate to. Are you or someone you know constantly zoning…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Absurdist Memes For the Proud Goofballs

It shouldn't be controversial for me to say that we've been in an era of absurdist humor for some time now. I don't know where this taste for silly & goofy comedy originated, but Gen Z and Millennials can't get enough of it. I can tell that absurdist humor has swept the nation because of the Netflix show I Think You Should Leave . It is a sketch comedy show starring and created by former SNL writer Tim Robbinson, and it is just as wacky as you could imagine. Ask any Millennial or Gen Zer who th…
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21 Funniest Philosophy Memes for the High Thinking Intellectuals

21 Funniest Philosophy Memes for the High Thinking Intellectuals

This one is for all the brainiacs out there.
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You Heard It Here First

Funny dank meme that says smoking and eating bacon kills, but smoking bacon will cure it | brain interrupting sleep smoking will kill you smoking bacon will cure it o .61 bacon will kill you
Via Fatboylovesbuffets

Hopefully We're Not The Only Ones Who Do This...

Caption that reads, "Me: *Walks past nice bush;* Brain: Take some leaves; Me: Why? Brain: You gotta" above a pic of some bushes
Via CodyBurkett

It Me

Funny comic about brains storing trivial knowledge.
Via hannahhillam
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26 Tasty Meme Treats That'll Kill Your Boredom

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Oh Snap

diss blue anime dank memes Memes anime memes brain insult jellyfish - 9212312832
Via ty4freedoge

Just Charge It

Funny tweet about buying things.
Via no-chill-at-all

Things Were Never The Same

Funny meme about minty being cold spicy, web comic.
Via jcb9009

It's A Scary Place

Funny meme about what is really going on in your brain.
Via sean_speezy

Every Single Time

Funny web comic about heart and brain regarding not liking exercise.
Via theawkwardyeti
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