Cringey Humblebrags From Obnoxious People

We all know people who spend too much time talking about themselves. Sometimes they're blatant in their braggadocios tendencies - name dropping gushing about their accomplishments. Other times, their self-adulation comes in a more sneaky form: the humblebrag. 

Humble brags are definitely obnoxious to experience in real life. But thanks to the advent of the Internet, we are now inundated with coyly self-congratulatory posts on social media. The painful and eyeroll worthy posts, while grating, can be truly wonderful to marvel at. We can't help but be fascinated by minds of people who spout self-praise. There's even a subreddit dedicated to this tone-deaf behavior. We've gathered some of the best humblebrags of the last year for your hate-scrolling pleasure. If you need more? Join r/humblebrag. You won't regret it.

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