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Funny twitter thread about a father getting catfished with a photo of Lady Gaga

Sweet, Innocent Dad Catfished By Photo of Lady Gaga in 'A Star Is Born'

Dating as a parent must be tough, but watching a parent date later is pretty tough, too. The frustration, the sadness of watching someone you love get hurt. While we have tons of sympathy for adults who are forced back into the dating pool, having to watch someone you respect and love struggle in an area of common sense must be difficult. Twitter user @stahppitrahn provided some very good (and very funny) proof of this recently. Seems her sweet father fell prey to a dating scammer who tried to…
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It Really Be That Way

Funny meme of Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper, dating, relationships, funny.
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Funny tweets and memes about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance, shallow, the oscars, oscars 2019, sexy, irina shayk.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper's Horny Oscars Performance Was A Meme Goldmine

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Funny honest movie posters.

Honest Movie Posters Are Back In Time For Oscars Season

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Bradley Cooper Totally Looks Like Paul McDonald

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