Pro Tip

Funny meme that reads, "Xmas tip: put your boyfriend at the side of your family in case you need to remove him later" above an illustration of a family photo with the boyfriend on the side being cut out of it
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21 Sweet And Saucy Relationship Memes For The Coupled Up

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Self Burn

Funny meme that reads, "*GF puts her hand on my stomach;* Me: ..." above a still from a weather report where the meteorologist says, "Further south you should be prepared for three, maybe four inches"
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Uplifting text posts about healthy and toxic relationships

Uplifting Posts For People In Toxic Relationships

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Funny memes about relationships | Post Malone seeing my gf's boobs millionth time My gf | funny tweet Abby Jimenez @AbbyJimenez763 STRANGER: Hey, is guy bothering Yeah, but he's my husband so signed up this.

Relationship Memes For The Smitten Saps (30 Sh*tposts)

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Comics about one month into dating and then comics about one year into dating.

Funny Comics Compare Fresh Relationships To The Ol' Comfortable Phase

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Funny random memes, memes about going back to school, memes about gordon ramsay, self-deprecating memes.

Assorted Memes For Your Bored Butts (36 Pics)

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abusive and controlling relationship rules like a guy not allowing his girlfriend to shave

18 Totally Unfair Rules People Have For Their Significant Others

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30 Stupid Memes That'll Spice Up Your Day

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Funny memes, random memes, the office, cats.

30 Funky Memes That'll Keep You Feelin' Fresh

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These Are The Rules

Funny meme about explaining to your boyfriend why you need to hate a girl
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Funny memes of pigeon surrounded by guns.

These Threatened Pigeon Memes Have Us Feeling Attacked

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They Say Honesty Is The Best Policy

Tweet that reads, "I'm in the library and there's a boyfriend helping his girlfriend study and I've been overhearing parts of their conversation for the last hour and he just said, 'Babe I'm gonna be honest with you, you're going to fail this test. I love you, but there's nothing we can do about it now.' I'm dead"
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*Sigh* Here We Go

Caption that reads, "When you laugh at a dumb meme and your partner, who is not aninternet person, asks what's funny but it's like a tier-three meme and you gotta explain about seven years of internet for them to understand the nuances" above a still of Jack Black in School of Rock explaining something to a class at the blackboard
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RIP ;(

Caption that reads, "My boyfriend's gym bro dude broke up with him" above a screenshot of the text where his friend doesn't want to work out with him anymore
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15 Sappy Relationship Memes Just In Time For Valentine's Day

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