Attention: That Bot-Written Olive Garden Ad Is Actually A Meme

We've seen bot-generated chapters of Harry Potter and Seinfeld episodes, so when we first saw Keaton Patti's bot-written Olive Garden commercial, we didn't bat an eye. The dialogue is hilariously and perfectly off, it's so bad it seems real. Alas, some (many) things on the internet are just too good to be true, and our friends at Gizmodo made us meme freaks feel pretty frickin' dumb.

It turns out that Mr. Patti, a writer who has contributed to the New Yorker, and, tellingly, The Onion, has written these fake masterpieces before. He's not the only one. The meme is apparently abundant on Twitter. The fact that even bigger media outlets fell for us makes it a little better, but we still have to hand it to these memers for their dedication and creativity. 

olive garden meme
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