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Dude Freaks People Out by Claiming to Invent AI Bot to Talk to Women on Dating Apps

Things just get worse
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Twitter Bot That Describes Memes Gets it Comically Wrong Every Time

Neural networks are artificial networks of neurons that are the backbone of deep learning algorithms. They're basically simulated brains that have the capacity to 'learn' from datasets. If you remember those trippy 'deep dream' images that were going around several years ago, those were generated using a neural network. But not only is this sort of AI used to generate images, some can also analyze existing images and describe them. @ResNeXtGuesseris a Twitter bot that passes submitted memes thro
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Thanks For Your Help, Paypal...

Pic of a PayPal bot telling a user they can ask any question; user says they got scammed and Paypal responds with, "Great!"
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Attention: That Bot-Written Olive Garden Ad Is Actually A Meme

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Seems Legit

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Try Harder, Amanda

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You Bet I Do

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Bots Care Not for Your Mortal Problems

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