Story about a worker who gets fired for saying no to boss when asked to come in for a shift he wasn't scheduled for

Employee Fired For Refusing to Work When He Wasn't Scheduled

One of the best parts about being a salaried employee is that you don't get called in for random shifts on the weekend. At least I don't, but y'all stay safe out there. There's nothing worse than preparing for a nice long day of doing nothing than receiving a call from your manager. When I worked at a dog bakery, I was always the person saying “yes” to picking up this one girls shifts. If it sounds like I was being a pushover, it's because I was a pushover. For me, it was hard to leave money on…
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A Reddit story about a horrible boss daring his employee to quit because he spends too much time on hobbies, he quits and pursues his hobby sucessfully

Boss Tells Worker To Quit Because He Spends Too Much Time On Hobbies; Employee Listens And Pursues His Hobby

It's usually not easy to pursue your hobbies as a career. Most hobbies are hobbies for a reason, and that reason is that they're more fun to do than your job. Often, people work years and years to ever financially get into a position where they can leave their day job in pursuit of their hobbies. However, sometimes you get a golden opportunity to switch careers that you can't pass up. For Redditor u/the_anecdotist135 , this didn't come in the form of a competitive job offer or even a concrete o…
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Selfish CEO Asks Employees To Donate Their PTO To Loyal 17-Year Employee

Why can't he...nevermind
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Teenager posts their working hours on Reddit, sparking discussion on child labor laws

Teen's Insane Work Hours Sparks Discussion About Child Labor Laws

A Utah teenager recently went viral on Reddit for posting their schedule for their part-time job . They are expected to work 32 hours a week, including four 6-hour shifts directly after already going to school for 8 hours. I know there are probably a bunch of angry people reading this and thinking, “that's not very much work! If this teen would hike up their bootstraps, they would be able to work these hours and finish their homework with no issues.” In some cases, they might be right. When I w…
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Reddit thread about a crazy boss who rants and raves about employees who have quit to his own employees

Bombastic Boss Has Huge Outburst After Employees Quit His Company

You can tell a lot about a workplace by how upper management speaks about people who have left the company. It's not too difficult to pick up on a boss struggling to maintain employees because of their poor management style. While it's normal to have a few wacko former employees, it's a red flag when every former employee is discussed with derision and disgust. I've only quit jobs a couple of times, but the reaction from management was very different. When I put my two weeks in while working at…
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A list of posts to a Reddit thread divulging the worst things their bosses have ever said to them.

Workers Share The Worst Things Terrible Bosses Have Ever Said To Them

Employment can be a real piece of work. Being the underling of your boss can go sour quickly. As anyone in the workforce knows, employers are often more than willing to take advantage of their employees because they think they can get away with it. Horrible bosses believe they can squeeze the life out of their workers and continue doing so because they don't think they will ever quit. Who among us hasn't had a boss who watches our every move, making you terrified of making one error to risk bei…
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Reddit thread about a dude who gets fired for showing up to his new job two minutes late

Dude Gets Sent Home For Showing Up to His New Job Two Minutes Late

Overreact much?
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Reddit thread where workers discuss the pros and cons of skipping lunch at work

Workers Discuss Whether They Skip Lunch At Work, And Why

Do you take your whole 30 minutes?
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Company's New Owners Cut Benefits, So Employee Exploits Loophole to Screw Over Bosses

Moral of the story: don't mess with PTO
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Pushy Manager Flame Broiled For Begging Former Employee To Return

Absolutely tragic
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Inspiring Times Workers Stood Up to Their Horrible Bosses

When fed-up employees stick it to the man
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Reddit story about a rude recruiter trying to schedule job interview during Christmastime

Rude Recruiter Tries To Schedule Job Interview During Christmastime

If there is one thing workers must be, it's protective of their time. If you're not, people will surely take advantage of it. Unfortunately, everybody is on different pages regarding what is normal to ask of someone. Is it normal for somebody to arrive to work an hour early and leave an hour late? Is it normal to only work during allotted hours and make no exceptions? What about being available at all times? Nobody knows! It's a weird game of 3D Chess that none of us are winning. This time of t…
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Jealous Manager's Public Shaming of Employee's 'Revealing Outfit' Totally Backfires

There's nothing worse than a boss who has it out for you for weird personal reasons. In a satisfying tale of malicious compliance, redditor u/Vanna-Black explains how she became the object of her manager's jealousy, and how she was able to escape.
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Memes For Smart People, Such As Yourself

Hey, I'm talking to you. Yeah, you, smarty pants. I saw you across the bar, and I couldn't help but notice that your aura oozes intelligence. I am also an individual of the smart experience so I can easily perceive things like this. Let me guess, when you were in elementary school, you were often lauded as “above average.” Hey, so was I! Wasn't it so great being better than all of those average normie normal people? Those were the days. My senses are also telling me that as you've grown older,…
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Retail-Related Rants & Relatable Memes

Remember to be nice to workers this Black Friday
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Employee Says 'No' and Hangs Up on Boss After Being Called Into Work on Day Off

'Normalize saying "no" and hanging up'
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