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15 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Posts That Really Deliver The Cringe

Anyone with a Facebook account knows that there are a few very specific types of annoying of people in any feed: 

1.) parents who can't seem to post about anything other than their kids doing entirely mundane things; 

2.) people who constantly post about their healthy lifestyles and gym check-ins; and 

3.) the MLM salesperson, also known as the Hun, the #BossBabe or the "entrepreneur." They'll sneakily slide into your DMs under the facade of "friendship" or "just saying hi." Don't be fooled. They're trying to rope you into the endless scam that is the pyramid scheme where literally no one wins expect the higher-ups.

The following posts are some of our favorite cringe moments from the dreaded Boss Babes.

Pyramid Scheme Memes
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