Get On That Ish

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "I been postponing malonedrey for too long" over a photoshopped pic of Post Malone's head in a laundry basket
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Pretty Much

Caption reads, "Describe your summer in two pictures" above a pic of Patrick Star eating a burger in bed and a screen cap of someone's phone with no notifications
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Caption that reads, "When you have to read the same page over and over cause you keep zoning out," over a pic of a skeleton reading a book
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Sad But True

Funny meme about how you feel boring when people ask what you do for fun.
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Oh That's Rude

image cool Oh That's Rude
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boring Video politics - 266247

CNN Showed a Live Stream of VP Nominee Mike Pence Getting a Haircut and It Was as Awkward as It Sounds

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Kid Knows What Time It Is

boring gifs kids sleepy - 8476508160
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Family Reunion

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Food is So Boring

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What a Boring Afternoon

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It's a Long Wait

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Most Boring Parties Ever

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I Can Do This All Day!

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My Life in a Nutshell

boring school life Y U NO - 8326765824
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