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27 Bootleg SpongeBob SquarePants Items That Were Not Sanctioned by Bikini Bottom

Merch from under the sea
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Knockoff Brands & Comically Low-Effort Bootlegs

Some of these are better than the originals
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Video from Cracked about how AmazonDesign rips off other companies designs, like Peak design, jeff bezos, plagiarism

How Amazon Blatantly Rips Off Its Competitors With Zero Shame

This one's for you, Jeff Bezos.
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20+ Off-brands That Are Actually Kinda Cool

10/10 for creativity.
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Sixteen Double Take-Worthy 'Bootleg Celebrities'

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25 Knockoff Brands & Products That Are Just Trying Their Best, Man

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Article 13 Has Inspired Some Hysterical Knockoff Memes

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Biscuit Guy

Caption that reads, "Our new Shrek play area is ready for the children. Including friends like Cat in Shoes, Biscuit Guy and Unpleasant Mule" above a pic of a play structure that has structures of knockoff characters from Shrek
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Cheap knockoffs.

25 Cheap Knock-Offs That Are The Epitome Of Bootleg

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Must Have Missed This One

star wars bootleg arnold schwarzenegger Must Have Missed This One
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g0tea g0 fezt

bootleg sanic dafuq knockoffs sonic - 7975048704
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bootleg videos league of legends funny ripoffs - 51001089

The Most Amazing League of Legends Bootleg

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Seems Legit

bootleg half life IRL seems legit - 6365661952

Loot is Terrible in This Too

blizzard bootleg diablo seems legit - 6259353344
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Does Anyone Buy This Crap?

bootleg IRL knockoffs wtf - 6488859392