A compilation of memes about Shakespeare plays

Shakespeare Memes For Fans of Classic Literature

If there's one author that we have all probably read at some point, it's William Shakespeare. I was such a fan of his that I took two Shakespeare courses in college and subsequently had to buy The Complete Works of William Shakespeare twice (my second professor required a different edition). I loved that Shakespeare's plays were so interesting to analyze. They weren't so challenging that I couldn't understand anything, but they were no walk in the park either. There's a reason he's one of the o…
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Literary Memes for Voracious Bookworms

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A compilation of memes about literature, reading, books, and the library

Reading Memes For Bookworms Who Can't Put The Book Down

Have you ever been told by your Math teacher to stop reading the book you have hiding under your desk? Don't worry, I have too. There's something so addicting about reading that leads you to neglect all of the other important things in your life. Do you need to clean your room, do your homework, apply for a new job, pay your bills, make new friends, or all of the above? As a reader, you already know that will be impossible with the amount of reading you're likely to do in the coming days. That'…
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A compilation of book reading and literature themed memes

Reading Memes For Fervent Bookworms

I was never one of those kids who was obsessed with reading . I was a fan of child pulp fiction books (Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, The Babysitters Club, etc.), but I never identified as a bookworm. I was known to fabricate entries on my reading log, and I was not ashamed of it. My reading-neutral stance was mostly because I never found books I really fell in love with, but it was also related to my disdain for kids who bragged about reading at a college level. Even in my 4th-grade mind, I…
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A compilation of memes about literature for literary readers who love to read books

Literature Memes For Real Readers

As a former English major, I feel like I can easily scope out a “fake fan” of literature. I don't care to do so on a regular basis because I have a life, but put a so-called bookworm in front of me and I can scope out their vibe easily in less than a minute.
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A compilation of reading, literature, and library memes for readers and librarians alike

Reading Memes For Library Lovers

I've always been a huge library head. Before the pandemic, it was one of the only places I could really focus and get lots of schoolwork done. Libraries range in their interiors from static and office building-esque to stunningly gorgeous and Hogwarts adjacent. Luckily for me, I love all libraries whether they're fluorescently lit design messes or dark academia havens that harken back to a time long-since passed. Libraries offer so much more than simply a place for students to study; there are…
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Literary Memes for Insatiable Bookworms

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A compilation of memes about reading and books for readers

Book Memes For Lifelong Readers

I'm sure we've all heard the same line over and over again from non-readers: “I just don't have time to read.” The fundamental misunderstanding they h
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Article about Twitter's response to Jennette McCurdy's upcoming tell-all book 'I'm Glad My Mom Died'

Twitter Responds To Jennette McCurdy's Upcoming Memoir: 'I'm Glad My Mom Died'

Crazy stage mothers forcing their child into the acting industry is a tale as old as time. From Jackie Coogan to Drew Barrymore and beyond, it's never not devastating to watch a parent take advantage of their children's talent, take all of their money, and let the industry chew them up and spit them out. Unfortunately, this cycle repeated itself with former iCarly and Sam and Cat star Jennette McCurdy. Luckily, McCurdy has come out on the other side of the abuse, but she does not plan on doing…
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People Debate Whether Books Should Make Pop Culture References

No one wants to read and Google
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Spoiler Alert: Everything is Awful for the Rest of the Book

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Troll Level $1000

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This Book is a Lamp

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I Hear the Audio Book Takes It To A Different Level

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