Boobs. Mounds, Melons, Mammary Glands, Fiery Biscuits? Whatever you call them, breasts are a wonderful and incredible part of the anatomy. So sit back and revert to childhood giggling all about a nice pair of knockers, on whomever or however they hang.


Funny meme about how the movie titanic has boobs in it
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Funny comics about having big boobs | BUSTY GILL PROBLEMS rampaige (Hey! Long time no see ve been This is Idtle Yennah, no more uncomfortable hugging. | BUSTY GIRL PROBLEMS -rampage Cute! Can borrow this shirt? And have stretch this one out too?

Amusing Comics That Accurately Portray The Blessing And Curse Of Big Boobs

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Funny powerpoints, why you should let me touch your butt, why you should let me touch your boobs.

Powerpoints About Touching Boobs And Butts Are Horny And Hilarious

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Funny memes of Joker (joaquin phoneix) dancing with peter parker (tobey maguire) dank memes, anime, boobs

Joker And Peter Parker Get Down In This Reddit-Approved Meme

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Caption that reads, "Hitting a speed bump without a bra on" above a pic a still of Muscle Man from Regular Show appearing to have his boobs hit him in the face
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Collection of random memes about cats, dogs, friends, life, dating, relationships.

39 Funny Memes For Your Weekend Viewing Pleasure

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Funny Twitter reactions to New York Post article about boobs being back in style.

Twitter Responds To The New York Post's "Boobs Are Back" Think Piece

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Collection of funny memes about Donald Trump, Game of Thrones, Kardashians, Ariana Grande, dating, relationships, friendship, childhood, drinking, work, boobs, cartoons, tv, HBO.

29 Random Memes To Turn Your Terrible Tuesday Around

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boobs ancient greece - 1301253

In Ancient Greece Great Breasts Were an Acceptable Legal Defense

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breastfeeding parody boobs parenting comedy Video - 82620417

Just Another Perspective on Breastfeeding in Public

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Bad Joke of The Day: IHOP Tweets Horrible Breast Joke, Immediately Regrets It

Bad Joke of The Day: IHOP Tweets Horrible Joke, Immediately Regrets It


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