This stuff is the bomb! Seriously explosive puns memes and gifs to keep you on the edge of your seat. So save yourself the price of admission and blow up your boredom with these concussive bomb humor.

Bosh Disapproves

awesome bomb chris bosh meme miami heat nba - 6210063360
Via Slacktory

Well, He Does Often Act Like a Little Boy...

atom bomb homophone literalism mythbusters photobomb - 4615802624
By Unknown

Never-Ending Series of Bombs

Via ensalada-de-lengua-de-pajaritos

Little Dog, Big Bomb

animal Animal Bomb bomb dogs outside tongue - 6411184896
By Unknown


bomb Minesweeper bad luck video games funny - 8075727872
By Unknown

Seems Like a Solid Plan Already

plan good idea bomb axe funny - 8018488832
By Unknown

Before This Time

time wtf bomb - 2953807360

Not Quite What Photobomb Means

bomb literal Photo - 3449318656
See all captions By Smoen92

Mustache Bomb

mustache bomb hockey - 6994154752
By Unknown

Graduation Bomb

beer graduation bomb college - 6884317440
By tgh86651


fashion bomb - 6817762048
By cartaig

Do Not Do This At Home

yikes bomb bad idea gifs fire skateboard - 6815869440
By Unknown

Anderson's Ambush

news bomb gifs Anderson Cooper - 6793276928
By themiester24
explosion news bomb reporting Israel middle east Anderson Cooper - 44883969

Anderson Cooper Shrugs Off Explosion Like a Boss

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Tell Me, REALLY?!?!

bomb literalism double meaning - 6757274368
By spinax22 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Put All The Pieces In? IMPOSSIBRU!!!

terrorism games pop bomb perfection movies - 6752136960
By Perfect_Hatred
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