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Stark and Important Reminders That Instagram is Not Reality

Ever scroll through Instagram for so long that your soul starts to fill with dread? You're not alone. Facebook's extensive internal research showed that Instagram makes body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls. In September, the Wall Street Journal reported on Facebook's research and the data lays bare what we all knew was true deep down. Still, even those acutely aware that Instagram poisons the mind with FOMO and insecurity continue to use the app. At some point, a precedent was
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So True

Tweet that reads, "Honestly I have the PERFECT Italian renaissance bod right now and I'm so mad at y'all for changing the ideal feminine form on me. Titian would have worshipped me okay. Boticelli would be all up in my DMs"
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Shut Up, Demons!

Caption that reads, "Girl: I should really go to the gym; Inner girl: You been playin' these boys for years with this bod, you are fiiiinnee" above a pic of Ms. Piggy talking to her demon inner-self
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So Sexy

Funny meme about body dysmorphia
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Def Can't Have Both

Tweet that reads, "Men: I want a girl who can drink as many beers as me and orders a burger and fries instead of salad; Also men: She can't be fat though lol"
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That's Pretty Unrealistick

web comics body image stick figures That's Pretty Unrealistick
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Autobody Issues

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DeStorted Self Perception

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Not a Joke of the Day: 'Bikini Bridge' Prank May Cause Some Real Damage

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