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'Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo': Twitter Reacts To Missing Submarine Full of Titanic-Exploring Tourists

Not everyone can be James Cameron
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Another Amazing Life Hack

Funny life hack about how to fix a leaky boat with your penis.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Pun Of The Day

Funny meme of two people on a yacht, man mispronounces yacht, sea pun.
Via CanadianGladiator

Can You Be More Specific

Funny meme asking boat person if they lied on their resume, image of a boat on top of a mountain.
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Probably Shouldn't Have Watched Step Brothers Right Before Going Out

twitter mistakes image boats - 8988262656
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Meanwhile in Murica'...

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Music Memes Video boats - 80130305

The Lonely Island Performs "I'm on a Boat" With Classroom Instruments

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All Aboard the RRS Iceberg Bait

IRL names iceberg boats - 8760843520
Created by satablank

The Naming of a $290 Million Research Ship Was Left to the Public Who Came up With "RRS Boaty McBoatface"

boats names people The Naming of a $290 Million Research Ship Was Left to the Public Who Came up With "RRS Boaty McBoatface"
Via mrdaveturner

Throw Me a Beer Buddy!

beer FAIL gifs bro boats - 8571363072
Created by MarcusLeary

Reminds Me of That Movie Apocalypse Now For Some Reason

gifs water fall boats - 8561545216
Created by ToolBee

So That's Who's Driving The Boat

dogs gifs critters pugs boats - 8563856128

That's One Way to Take Your Sunglasses Off

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A Stabilized Version of This Classic GIF

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Turtle Taking a Potato For a Float

gifs turtles critters boats - 8509758976

I Noah That Feeling

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