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People Lament (And Defend) the 'Forced Switch' From Wired to Bluetooth Headphones

As technology progresses over the years, there always seems to be a number of people stomping their feet in protest. When I was younger, I would always dismiss these people as Luddites - until Apple took away our precious headphone jack back in 2017. For about two or three years, playing music from an iPhone got a bit more complicated. IPhone users were forced to buy dongles, and impromptu DJ sessions at friends' houses or at bars involved a frantic search for these adaptors. It was frustrating…
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Screw You Apple!!

Tweet that reads, "Dropped my phone but guess who saved it? My earphones, the ones with wires"
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It's Not What You Think!

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End Bluetooth!

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Bluetooth Man - The Google Glass Edition

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But This Way Is More Delicious

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Bluetooth Headsets: The Ultimate in Troll Technology

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These Sunglasses Aren't Just for Looking at Your Butt Anymore

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And You've Gotta Know the Right Code to Get With Her

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Every Hipster/Homeless on the Street

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If You Wanna Be My Headphones

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Technologically Impaired Duck: Dentist

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