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If a blind guy asked you for $5 in change, but handed you a $50, what would you do? What if you found out the viral social experiment video about it you just wasted 4 minutes on was totally scripted?

Self described aspiring actor/model Adrian Gruska posted this video of "The Real Blind Man Honesty Test (Social Experiment)" where he pretended to be blind and asked people to make change to see if they'd be honest. The video has over a million and a half views, but all the money stealing a-holes featured in it are actually actors. 

Gruska posted an ad online recruiting actors for a "social experiment/skit" on October 30. Three days later, he posted the blind man honesty test.

Gruska makes no mention of the fact that the video is scripted in his YouTube post, and in fact feigns shock at the outcome: "I was quite surprised as to the amount of people who basically stole off a blind man, absolutely ridiculous."

As Abe Lincoln always said, you never trust anything on the internet.