Funny tweet that reads, "Forgot to give my little cousin a blanket last night" above a photo of a kid lying in a cardboard box
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Let Me Live

funny meme about trying to find the long side of the blanket at 3am | My blanket when I try to find the long side at 3 am complex wrapped graph
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Dream Big

Funny Picture from The Office of Kevin fulfilling his dream of 'always wanted to eat pigs in blanket in a blanket.'
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What A Cozy Gift

gift blanket pranks - 8988264704
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This Is How We Watch TV

if i ever have a child
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It's Made With Jolteon Fur

Pokémon sweet jesus blanket - 8446913792
Created by kttykiwi69

The Tuck

blanket sleeping - 8444223232
Created by Smartybrat

It's Better to Be too Hot

hot cold blanket demons funny - 8427471104
Created by Unknown

My Own Secret Cave

bed blanket - 8409020160
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Check Out This Awesome Gengar Blanket

Pokémon blanket - 8387476480
Created by melyn ( Via Etsy )

Now That's Plush

awesome blanket funny pillows - 8306605312
Created by Unknown

Worth the Discomfort

blanket sleeping - 8272630272
Created by Paul

A Marriage Necessity

marriage problem blanket funny - 8219218432
Created by Unknown

I Do This When I'm Bored

me gusta blanket bored - 8099323904
Created by Derp1231234

Illusion Level: Impressive

cool gifs blanket magic - 7017658368
Created by Iron-man01

Dog Turns Into a Burrito

dogs gifs cute blanket Sundog - 6738389504
Created by Unknown
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