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Posts & Hot Takes From Inside Reddit's Big Short Squeeze

Stonks to the moon!
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Remember When You Were Cutting Edge?

nokia blackberry g rated AutocoWrecks - 7830241536
Created by Unknown

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

monty python wink blackberry - 6756673792
Created by soundsodd

Apple "Innovation"

apple best of week blackberry nokia phones the internets - 6390425088
Created by Unknown


Aliens blackberry news TV - 5308901888
Created by jef202

London Calling (from My iPhone)

blackberry Memes phones poor riot the clash - 5072665856
Created by Unknown

Fruit, Less Popular that Phones

blackberry fruit google search phones - 4545382912
See all captions Created by SwimmmerX

Forever Alone: Telephone

blackberry cell phone forever alone iphone telephone - 4280147712
Created by maxine2verycool