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People Share Cringey Racist Experiences They Can Now Laugh About

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Boyfriend Plans Action-Packed Anniversary Date For His Girlfriend, Twitter Roasts Him Mercilessly

They'll be sleeping in the movie theatre
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26-Year-Old Woman Rejects Ice Cream Date Because She Thinks She's Too Grown Up For That

So many people feel like they're so grown up when they're in their mid-twenties. This is allegedly when your brain chemistry is actually adult at that point, so perhaps you do magically become an adult when you turn 25. I am unsure about this because 25-year-olds are only a couple of years older than 23-year-olds, and we are not in completely different maturity stratospheres by any means. My 25-year-old friends might be slightly less of a fool than I am, but they aren't ready to completely aban…
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Woman Accidentally Uses Body Wash As Lotion For 15 Years Despite 'Bath' Being On The Bottle

"Caring Bath" must be a body lotion
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A compilation of epic Twitter ratios

Epic Twitter Ratios Heard Round The World

What does it mean to be ratio'd? I have had to explain ratio-ing to several internet-illiterate people in my life, but it always feels difficult to capture in words. There's something uniquely humiliating about a reply to your tweet or comment getting far more engagement than your original comment. One of the most intrinsic qualities of ratio-ing is that everyone points and laughs at the person getting ratio'd. It's even more humiliating now that this phenomenon has a name that everyone knows i…
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20 Deleted Tweets That Will Live On Forever

Be careful what you tweet!
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People Discuss Iconic Tweets That Define Twitter

Twitter is a place where online culture is created. That can be said of any number of social media sites, but Twitter is one that transcends the website and enters popular culture. Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “This sounds like it was written by a robot whose only exposure to humans is through Twitter discourse.” I had that exact thought while watching the 2022 movie Bodies, Bodies, Bodies , and I'm not the only one. Occasionally, tweets become so iconic that nobody ever forgets w…
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People Discuss Whether They'd Withstand a Year of Solitary Confinement for $20 Billion

Nobody could survive this
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Dude Gets Roasted For Claiming He Uses 8 Toilet Paper Rolls Per Day

Twitter Blue is out in full force, and with that comes the Twitter Blue defenders. Many people are roasting those who've subscribed to this paid verification service, and they are getting a wee bit defensive about it. If I paid $8 a month for a practically worthless service, I, too, would get a bit defensive about it. One dude went viral for the oxymoron “I'm paying for free speech.” Others exalt the new feature as a way to find community and boost your tweets. Unfortunately, having a blue chec…
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A compilation of wild and crazy tweets

Horrible Tweets That Prove the Bird App Is a Mess

Twitter used to be better. At least, that’s what my nostalgia-pilled brain is telling myself when I complain about the infamous bird app. When I was a kid, Twitter felt a lot less focused on mind-numbing discourse and more about retweeting the Anti-Joke Apple every 5 minutes. Now, you feel inundated with hot takes and the most absurd opinions ever concocted by the human mind every time you log on. It’s truly exhausting. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is that it hasn’t drastica…
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People Discuss Their Favorite Underrated Celebrity Look-Alikes

There are a lot of celebrity look-alikes that are well-established and highly documented. Everybody knows that Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood look like brothers. There are ten million actresses who have Margot Robbie vibes, most notably Samara Weaving. However, there are a lot of celebrities who look like each other that we don't tend to acknowledge. There are many reasons for this. Someone who's a fan of Megan Thee Stallion might not always know who Veronica Lake is and vice versa, making th…
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Parents Share Their Unpopular Parenting Opinions

Some of these are controversial
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Update: Pink Sauce is Back, And it's Walmart Version is Less Pink Than You'd Expect

Update: Pink Sauce is Back, And it's Walmart Incarnation is Less Pink Than You'd Expect

Beige sauce?
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A compilation of tweets predicting and mourning the end of Twitter

The Funniest #RIPTwitter Tweets Prematurely Mourning The Bird App

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a Pop Crave announcement. Last night, chaos erupted on Twitter dot com. Several sources reported that Twitter insiders claimed the public version of the app might not last for longer than a week. Since Elon Musk took over the company and began firing huge numbers of employees, the future of the website has become increasingly uncertain. Brands, advertisers, and longtime Twitter users began ditching their a…
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A compilation of tweets from Beyonce fans celebrating the release of Renaissance

The Best Bey Hive Tweets Celebrating The Release of Renaissance

The time has finally come for Beyoncé to release new music. While Beyoncé has been the undeniable queen of visual albums over the past couple of years, it's been a while since she's released original music. It hasn't been as long as Rihanna, but the fact remains that the Bey Hive has been waiting patiently for new music, and now it's finally here. This week, Beyoncé's album Renaissance leaked early, with many of her fans vehemently opposing others listening to the tracks before their release…
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Tony hawk meets Wesley Snipes, classic twitter joke, Oscars 2022, Twitter, tweets

Tony Hawk Meets Wesley Snipes at the Oscars, Jokes About Classic Twitter Meme

They just ended the race war.
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