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It's Quite The Predicament

Funny meme about how both white people and black people can't dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween
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BBQ Becky Is Getting Memed To Smithereens

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Funny Saturday night live video, donald glover, lando calrissian, where are all the people in space.

Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian Asks SNL: Where Are All The Black People In Space?

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Wow Internet, Way to Be Racist

black people racism - 5939441664
By jakevdl

The Adrenaline Really Helps

black people racist running Yahoo Answer Fails - 5798696192
By mrmuchacho13

Why, How Christian of You to Say So!

black people christian mingle racism - 5803159552
By Unknown

Why Can't I Float?

black people FAIL racism swimming - 5523138560
By Collinc2343 (Via

The Garden of Eden Was RACIST

adam and eve black people garden philosoraptor - 5412397568
By Unknown

The Most Risqué Comedian in the World

black people comedy dave chappelle jokes the most interesting man in the world white people - 5407696384
By Unknown

Hipster Lincoln

black people cool hipster hipster-disney-friends presidents slavery - 5353879808
By C_nut

Play ALL The Keyboards?!

black people computer keyboard Memes piano ray charles stevie wonder - 4968215808
By Unknown

Anti-Joke Chicken: Dat's Racist

anti joke chicken black people leave racism store stuff - 4732903680
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Ghet Eau

black people perfume racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4586117120
By Unknown

Taste Just Like Raisins?

black people chocolate lick Yahoo Answer Fails - 4369816064
By Unknown

They're Just Shadows

black people racism Yahoo Answer Fails - 4691043584
By Teppichkante

100% Science

black people invisible IRL science studies - 4648536832
Via Epic Ponyz
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