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People Share The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Have Said to Them

The doctor is not always right
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The Cringiest Mommy Facebook Posts of the Week (May 22, 2023)

Mommy Facebook Groups are by no means a new phenomenon. I have been making fun of them since I was a teenager, which didn't go unnoticed by my suburban community. Long story short, I was a member of my high school's sketch comedy team. I know, extremely cool, very popular, and totally not lame of me. We had to perform sketches at loud and rowdy pep rallies that had something to do with school spirit. My best friend/comedy writing partner/high school sweetheart (we had an incredibly multifaceted…
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Most Hilarious Videos of the Week That Will Remind You To Use Birth Control (August 9, 2022)

*increases phone volume on the birth control reminder* Whether you have kids, know someone with kids, or have been a kid yourself, it's easy to see where there are hesitations for some people to have children these days. Maybe 30 years ago it seemed like an awesome idea to quadruple the population with self loathing youngsters, but nowadays, more and more people are deciding not to populate the Earth. Here are some relatable, nightmarish children to really make you rethink the beauty and wonder…
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Stinky Feet And Slippery Floors Ruin One Woman’s Impromptu OB-GYN Appointment

People who work in the medical field see all sorts of crazy things on a daily basis. There’s nothing weirder than bodies and how people act about them, but it doesn’t stop a trip to the doctor’s office feeling like an awkward situation. This is doubly true when it comes to an appointment dealing with the body parts you’d be arrested for exposing in public. This can be nerve wracking even when you know what’s coming, let alone if you’re presented with an unexpected checkup with the OB-GYN like R…
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How Bout Neither

Funny tweet that reads, "Birth control be like well do u want depression or do u want a baby"
Via WillowTiaQuinn
Funny dank memes entitled 'Baby Yeet' depicting a woman throwing a baby like a basketball

Fifteen 'Baby Yeet' Memes For Those With Absolutely No Parental Instincts

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Snapchat photos of toddlers misbehaving

Fresh Snaps Of Toddlers Acting Like Little Gremlins

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Works Just Fine

Funny meme/tweet about using her husband's jorts as birth control, doctor's appointment.
Via @memebase

Sad But Also Kind Of Accurate

Caption that reads, "Doctor: What are you using for birth control? Me: Just who I am as a person" above a stock photo of a woman at a doctor appointment
Via CodyBurkett

Sound Logic!

Funny meme about girl who didn't take birth control because she didn't want to gain wait, image shows her pregnant. Pregnancy is a pretty serious weight gain.
Via memezar

I Think I'm Missing Something

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Someone Get on This!

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Richard Hammond: Professional Dude

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