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A Bountiful Gaggle of Bird Memes for Silly Gooses

There isn't too much to say about bird memes. You're either super into birdposting or you're not. So instead of forcing you to fight through a cringey and convoluted anecdote about a pigeon I once knew, we're sprinkling some fun facts about our feathered friends throughout this batch of dank and dumb bird memes .
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Why Is This Necessary

'Country Roads' seagull telling you not to remove your debit card during a transaction, and then screaming for you to remove it

It's Gettin Spooky Up In Here

Tumblr post about how girls don't wear makeup for boys; above a drawing of a bird saying, "I preen for Satan"
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Ma'am, I'm Just Trying To Do My Job

Interrupting crow comic where the bird tells a middle-aged woman the total, and then the middle-aged woman asks to see the manager because the item was on sale two weeks ago for less
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F*ck You Chickens

Picture of a bird sanctuary sign next to a KFC with the caption, "Not that kind of bird"
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No Problems Here!

Funny-looking bird with the caption, "When someone asks you what's wrong but nothing's wrong, that's just how your face looks"
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