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Vaguely Scientific Memes for Nerds With a Sense of Humor

Who says math and science can't be hilarious?
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Scary Science Facts Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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High School Teacher Dreads Going Back to School After Summer Vacation and Makes Funny Videos Instead of Preparing Lessons

Procrastination 101
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Crazy twitter thread about ants, oleic acid, death ritual, trix, ant farm

Dad Discovers Ant Death Ritual With a Bizarre Scientific Explanation

“Sugar cereals,” as many families refer to them, have always been nutritionally dubious. The intensely sugary bits of Technicolor grains are often criticized as an irresponsible choice for kids' breakfasts. Their colors and marketing, especially their cartoon mascots, are geared at making kids clamor for them in the cereal aisle. While the backlash against dessert-like products such Fruity Pebbles is pretty ubiquitous, Twitter user @OctopusCaveman made a surprising and creepy discovery involvin…
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Funny animal memes, cute animals, wild animals, ecology, bird memes

Animal Memes That Go Beyond the Realm of Cats and Dogs

Listen. We love cats (and dog s, fine). But the meme market is completely oversaturated with content about domesticated felines and canines. To be honest, we're starting to get sick of memes about raccoons and possums, too. On the internet, having too much of a good thing can get really, really real. So we're here to mix things up a bit with a big batch of memes about animals that are a little more elusive in the meme department. And mostly a bit less domesticated. There's a little bit of every…
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A Big Old Bunch of Memes For Nerds & Normies Alike

Listen. Even we here at Memebase are humble enough to admit that it is impossible to consistently serve up the very best memes to grace the many pages of the internet. There are simply not enough witty, intelligent and funny people creating them these days - and not enough people with good taste sharing the good ones that already exist. If we are being totally sincere about why and when we seek out these tasty morsels of comedy, the best of the best really isn't necessary. We're more interested…
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Crazy story and TikToks about guy who is trying to create a frog army, ecology, animals

Dude Raises 'Frog Army' of 1.4 Million, Sparking Ecological Concerns

What a bad idea.
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Informative Twitter thread about how chickens have increased in size and are worse for your health, food science

Sobering Thread Explores the Startling Transformation of Chickens in the United States

If you're not a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian in the United States, chances are your diet involves at least a bit of chicken. Eating healthy as an omnivore has almost become synonymous with eating massive amounts of chicken breasts. On a less healthy note, pretty much every restaurant you go to will, at the very least, offer diners a chicken sandwich of some kind. Every year in the US we consume 26 billion pounds of the bird and spend almost $30 billion on broiler birds. According to @MrSol…
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Cool facts that seem fake, science, history,  ecology, biology, stupid, animals, anatomy

Fake-Sounding Facts That Are Actually Very Real

The more you know.
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Funny memes, funny reactions to news about cats, science

Scientists Confirm Cat Brains Are Getting Smaller, Much to the Internet's Delight

My cats are very different. Gorgeous is bright, alert, and very fond of biting me at any given moment. Grey (also known as Grigio), on the other hand is timid. She often has a vacant expression on her dilute tortoiseshell face, mouth agape as she wheezes from her street-acquired respiratory ailment. Simply put, she seems simple. Sorry, Grigio. Armed with the knowledge that cats, can, in fact be dumb, I cannot claim that I was terribly surprised by the results of a feline-related study that were…
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Funny science memes, dank memes, chemistry, physics, biology | My concerned friend: Food won't fill void heart person science: acoreclim2099 | Joey's reaction Neurons generating action potentials all time Neurons trying understand action potential actually works

Science Memes For Smart People With Big Brains

We envy you.
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New Research About Conception Has Everyone Relearning Middle School Biology

It turns out it’s all about pick and choose.
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38 Dank Ecological Memes Because Nature Is Rad

Plants & animals are freaking siiick
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Show Some Respect

Funny meme about biology, plants that create oxygen, trees get all the attention, plankton, microphones, science memes
Via u/bluewhaleocean
Funny dank memes about science | animal's skeleton looks like scientists would recreate animal animal cute bunny | use centrifugal force instead inertia motion extract last dew drops shampoo at bottom bottle EBC know something scientist myself Spider Man Norman Osborn Willem Dafoe

Seventeen Dank Science Memes For Smarties And Brainiacs

You could say these memes are pretty...quark-y.
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Just Give Him A Chance

Funny tweet that reads, "I feel like this skeleton wants to fuck so bad but his pickup lines are just awful" above a textbook illustration of a skeleton
Via Fatboylovesbuffets
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