Dude Advertises Himself On A Billboard In Order To Get A Date

People will go to great lengths to find love and this guy, whose name is Mark, has to be the most dedicated we've seen. Mark created a website asking for dating applicants, citing the difficulty of finding love at age 30. We feel that. He even went as far as to pay for a billboard to be put up in Manchester, UK.

Mark, if you're reading this, then we hope you find your special someone. You deserve it.

And ladies, if you're actually interested in going on a date with Mark (which honestly you should be), you can apply to be Mark's ladyfriend here. Good luck, because he's got a lot of applicants to sift through.

Funny screenshots from a website called "Dating Mark," which was made by a guy named Mark who is looking for a date | billboard Date Mark This could be sign been waiting Visit Facts and Stats Height 6ft Length index finger 6.82cm Friends 2 Eye colour 4e4f5f Location Sheffield Shoe size 10 Number Girls Kissed Over 3
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