Ken M Strikes Again

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Created by Unknown

Well, You Can't

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Via The Emperor of the North
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Bill O'Reilly Doesn't Understand "Gangnam Style" Or the Difference Between North and South Korea

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Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jon Stewart

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Via Washington Post
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The Daily What: So This Is Happening of the Day

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Just Because this Meme Should Never Die

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See all captions Created by auntiewarhol

Not That Kind of Freedom!

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Created by RJ

You Can't Explain That

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See all captions Created by CanadianTroll

Ben Affleck Is Bad at Math

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Created by belagio10
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The Internet? Bill Can't Explain That

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Does Not Apply at School or Work

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Created by Rafamills

You Are Too Young? Well That Explains It

bill-oreilly commercial - 5748802560
See all captions Created by Am_helium

Bill O'Reilly Makes Perfect Sense

bill-oreilly futurama i dont want to live on this planet anymore ocean - 5682619648
Created by kneeofjustice

Bill O'Riley: It's Pure Magic

bill-oreilly fall asleep off on socks - 5625447680
See all captions Created by xLuvasik

Bill O'Reilly: Didn't Not Change Enough

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See all captions Created by SemperFiGuy92

Which Way Is Up?

angle bill-oreilly science space - 5466066688
See all captions Created by Constable65
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