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Funny programming memes

Programmer Memes That Might Make You Wonder "What's Stopping You From Coding Like This?"

There's been an epidemic sweeping the programming memes community. One meme has positively overtaken r/ProgrammerHumor to the point that it's nearly unuseable. I'm of course talking about, “what's stopping you from coding like this?”
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Funny memes and tweets about Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce

The Best Memes About Bill & Melinda Gates' Divorce

Mamma mia
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A Satisfying Selection Of Random Memes

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Funny dank memes about billionaires | Oprah reveals she manages stay stress free at 64! Step 1: have billion dollars | spongebob mr. krab dragged by a dollar bill Billionaires they have pay taxes Noooo! Two dollars! Two dollars!

14 Sassy Billionaire Memes That Are Too Rich For Our Blood

Taxes? Pssh.
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42 Stupid Sh*tposts That'll Keep You Hanging On

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fake history

17 Totally Fake History Memes That Are WAY Better Than Your History Class

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wtf facts about history

15 WTF History Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

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Funny meme about Bill Gates investigating why toilets smell so bad.
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Nice One, Dad

Funny dad joke with shaq holding bill gates.
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Where Would You Park Your Yacht?

Bill Gates world peace - 8755621888

Maybe He Can Fix Your Toaster?

Bill Gates - 8599470080
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Bill Gates computers impossible PC technology windows - 3547255296
Created by beretgascon

Bill's Trolling Career Started Early

school microsoft Bill Gates - 8102491136

Bill Gates Has a Giant Paddle. Your Argument Is Invalid

your argument is invalid Bill Gates ping pong - 7150286848

Bill Gates Get's Iced For ALS

nice guy gifs ice Bill Gates - 8289086976
Via Mike Petroff

"Leave School," They Said...

education Bill Gates college Mark Zuckerberg McDonald's steve jobs school - 8183669504
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