big dick energy


'Big Dick Energy' Is The Internet's New Favorite Slang Term

Twitter's new favorite thing is actually more of a vibe. Users have been tweeting nonstop about "Big Dick Energy" - a new slang term that's meant to convey a humble, understated form of confidence. Y'know, the kind of confidence that comes from being, well, well-endowed. 

The phrase took off following the death of Anthony Bourdain when @imbogswaget tweeted that the late chef had Big Dick Energy - and that he would have wanted us to talk about it. Weeks later, pop star Ariana Grande insinuated on Twitter that her fiance, SNL's Pete Davidson, is gifted in the phallus department. Twitter user @babyvietcong attributed their whirlwind romance to the comic's "Big Dick Energy" - and the term blew up from there. 

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