Funniest Memes for Edgy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

Funniest Memes for Edgy Christians Who Curse Sometimes

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Excellent Question

Funny meme where Jesus asks Mary where babies come from and Joseph replies, "Yeah Mary, where DO babies come from?"
Via KingRememberedInTime1

Found a Loophole

Funny Tumblr post about how Adam and Even weren't actually married
Via dizzyhuey

Why God

Funny meme that reads, "God watching you fall in love with somebody he's gonna use to hurt you for character development" above an image of a guy in the clouds supposed to be God
Via ManitySanity

A Much More Wholesome Hobby

Funny headline from The Babylon Bee that reads, "Banned From Playing Violent Video Games, Local Kid Settles For Reading Old Testament"
Via CthuluChan
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Plot Twist

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Reading the Bible and my favorite character just died. Sucks fr; Omg they done brought him back"
Via meowmeowmix

Allll Better! :)

Funny tweet that reads, "This is your gentle reminder that one time in the Bible Elijah was like, 'God, I'm so mad! I want to die!' So God said 'here's some food, why don't you have a nap?' So Elijah slept, ate, and decided things weren't so bad. Never underestimate the spiritual power of a nap and a snack"
Via PenelopetheDragon

Hell Yeah

Caption that reads, "When you're reading the Bible and realize it doesn't say anything about doing good in school" above pics of Woody from Toy Story looking happy
Via WhatTheDormouseSaid

So Motivational

Caption that reads, "This Bible verse always keeps me going" above a pic of a whiteboard that has writing that reads, "Lunch 11:35"
Via doritobanditoeatingacheetoburrito

They'll Never See It Coming

Funny classical art meme about oxi-clean and cain and abel.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Gonna Be A Thriller!

Fake headline announcing that there's going to be a 'Bible 2'
Via AManlyManWhoDoesManlyStuff

Thank You, Jangus

Funny meme about Jesus.
Via distinguishedbaloney

You Just Got Smash-Rolled

twitter bible rick roll smash mouth funny - 9149862656
Via WoahitsWelker

Distracted Bible Story

Funny distracted boyfriend meme, sodom and lot, the bible, christianity.
Via Know Your Meme
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