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Interesting twitter thread about historical facts that don't seem real, history

Strange History Facts That Feel Like Fiction

As adults, a lot of what we learned in history class has disappeared into the ether, or has become blurry, muddled by our very own hectic timeline. To make things more complicated, we learn about the past in a way that is very much centered on the places we've grown up in and call home. This type of tunnel vision can make the overlapping of eras seem pretty damn unbelievable. For example, unless you've seen or read The Last Samurai , it may seem surprising that samurai were around during the Ci…
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millennials and Gen-Zers as senior citizens

Viral TikTok Video Has Viewers Hilariously Predicting What Millennials and Gen-Zers Will Be like As Senior Citizens

*Insert TikTok quote here.* “What did grandma just say??”
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Funny Twitter thread that claims that the 'Golden Girls' were part of some sort of gang or crime ring | michaelharriot @michaelharriot BLACKAF This might be most controversial thing l ever tweeted but 's time America faces truth about group beloved historical figures, so here goes: Blanche, Dorothy, Rose Sophia- Golden Girls- were actually members an organized crime syndicate thread: 1:16 AM Jun 26, 2020 Twitter iPhone

Twitter Thread Argues That 'The Golden Girls' Were Actually Part Of An Organized Crime Ring

Well, we definitely never considered this theory.
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Funny memes and moments from 'The Golden Girls'

'Golden Girls' Moments That Are Timelessly Funny (14 Pics)

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Imparting wisdom

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Oh Betty!

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password betty white Video - 79893505

Betty White Wants You to Practice Safe Sec (urity) on World Password Day

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She's a Genius

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Captain America's Best Girl

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Betty White Has No Time For Your Nonsense

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Absolutely Fact

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Totally Sexier

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She Will, Trust Me

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This Needs to Happen

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