Cringey text message story about a guy who tries to get his friend to break up with his girlfriend | Hey man, can talk about guess so about her been talking with her lot and grown pretty close. know her boyfriend and all but gonna politely ask if could break up with her just really feel connection her and she would be happy with

Dude Tries To Get His 'Beta' Friend To Break Up With His Girlfriend, Cringe Ensues

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This Game Must be Full of Such Quality Content

door beta the division Tom Clancy - 8752013824
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star wars beta star wars battlefront Video - 74879745

Tie Fighters are Falling Like Flies in Star Wars Battlefront

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beta star wars Video star wars battlefront - 74854913

Star Wars Battlefront Stormtroopers Suffer the Same Ailment as Their Film Counterparts

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beta cheezburger face hilarious rage raisins - 6244477440
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Every Complaint About Titanfall...

titanfall beta gamers video games - 8067174912
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Long Neck Has a Sibling in Battlefield 4

beta Battlefield 4 video games - 7844586752
Created by Kurmon

Cannibalism is Always Funny. Getting Lost is Not.

Maps apple beta - 6694240768
Created by Amanda

Our Rage Is In Your Base Killing Your Dudes

beta cheezburger do not want meta - 6536770304
Created by Janusdef

Long Live the Duck!

beta dolan success kid users - 6488851456
See all captions Created by SirMechanico1

To Infinity and Beyond!

beta infinite scroll memebase Memes - 6372886784
Created by Taterdude

"Ds Up" for Faster Internet

beta cheezburger internet memebase meta Text Stuffs thumbs - 6358284032
Created by TommyGx

Meanwhile at ArenaNet

arenanet beta Canada guild wars PC South Park - 6165831680
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Guild Wars 2

beta guild wars 2 meme - 6162146048
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Error 12, Error 37, Error 12, Error 37

beta diablo meme - 6137988608
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That Explains Everything

beta bing humanity internet Memes what - 6112767744
Created by haggai
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