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A Batch of the Best Tweets Recently Twote

Unless something insane is happening in the world, Twitter usually just feels like a machine of tedious and predictable content, always churning out the same stolen jokes, hot takes, bad dating advice, or things that didn't happen. But if you spend some time separating the wheat from the chaff, Twitter doesn't look so bad. That's why we've rescued all the best recent tweets from the dumpster fire that is Twitter dot com. Now you can enjoy the website without even logging on!
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funny tweets, twitter dump, twitter, best tweets, twitter memes, memes, funny, relatable tweets, jokes, lol

30+ Top-Tier Tweets from Twitter's Finest Tweeters

Twitter can be a pretty exciting gossip-machine full of complicated beef and endless threads of strangers trying to prove each other wrong. As titillating as the realtime Twitter drama often is, sometimes it's nice to remember the website's humble beginnings, where people went to offer innocuous bitesized shower thoughts to the internet. We've collected some of our favorite recent Tweets that feel like those good ol' Twitter days of dumb jokes and funny observations.
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40+ of the Top Funny Tweets Recently Twote

Twitter is full of comedy gold
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Some of the best tweets of all time, great tweets, amazing tweets

A Timeless Collection of Twitter's Best Material

Simply the best
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A Collection of Funny Gems From Twitter

Only the best tweets
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38 Of The Top Tweets Fresh From Twitter

Amusing stuff from the Bird App
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