bert and ernie

The Snark

Caption that reads, "And people wonder why our generation grew up sarcastic..." above a pic of Bert saying, "Ernie, how do I look?" Ernie replies, "With your eyes, Bert"
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wholesome meme about bert and ernie.
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Bert Was In For A Surprise

Ernie showing Bert a framed picture of the letter X under the caption, "Ernie informs Bert who's gonna give it to him"
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Brought to You By the Letter 'X'... Obviously

memes bert and ernie image Brought to You By the Letter 'X'... Obviously
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Unexpected Witness

gifs punching Videogames bert bert and ernie - 8208953344
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Bert Finally Realizes How to Kill Ernie

realization Sesame Street bert and ernie funny - 8046930688
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The Situation and Pauly D Totally Looks Like Bert and Ernie

bert and ernie funny jersey shore pauly d Sesame Street the situation TLL - 5365858816
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Angry Yellow Bird Totally Looks Like Bert

angry birds bert bert and ernie Sesame Street unibrow - 5218641920
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Bert Gusta

bert bert and ernie me gusta Sesame Street - 4603022848
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Bert and Ernie Totally Looks Like Paint Brush Display

bert bert and ernie brush Sesame Street - 4537408768
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