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70 Best Memes Of Bernie Sanders Sitting At The Inauguration

Bernie has been around the block
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twitter, twitter memes, funny tweets, twitter, bernie sanders, bernie sanders memes, inauguration, funny memes, memes, trending memes, joe biden | Reeezy O @MsReeezy Bernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain't his whole day. | Bernie sitting in public transportation

Best Twitter Reactions To Bernie Sanders' Iconic Inauguration Look

Bernie's drip was a true showstopper
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Funny meme about cats, bernie sanders asking for financial support, cat asking for nutritional support | me: feeds my cat my cat after a few minutes
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Funny memes galaxy brain from Bernie Sanders' 2020 Iowa democratic Caucus victory speech, vince mcmahon losing his mind, politics, pete buttigieg | Getting clothes on birthday Getting gaming equipment on birthday crush invites their place FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

Bernie Sanders' Victory Speech Inspires Vince McMahon-Style Reaction Memes

Vince McMahon better watch his back.
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Funny meme about bernie sanders once again asking for financial support, shriveled up voldemort in fetal position, harry potter meme, iowa caucus
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Once Again

Funny meme about bernie sanders asking for financial support, meme turns into being about asking for someones name for a third time.
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Please, Mom.

Funny meme about bernie sanders asking for financial support about asking mom for money for scholastic book fair | scholastic book fair comes to my school. 7 year old me to my mom: i am once again asking for your financial support
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funny memes, random memes, dank memes, bernie sanders, bernie sanders memes, stupid memes | bernie sanders meme: Spotify after every song l am once again asking premium support. spongebob on a date with marble block Guys whose personality is being 6ft tall Girls

Twenty-Nine Amusing Memes Because You're Worth It

Keep up the good work.
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Hot Take

Bernie Sanders talking next to a sign that reads, "Pizza rolls are just Italian gushers"
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Funny bernie sanders meme about beef jerky being chewing gum for cowboys.
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