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You Don't Get a Reputation for Being a Serious Dramatic Actor by Facing Forward in Posters

image benedict cumberbatch poster You Don't Get a Reputation for Being a Serious Dramatic Actor by Facing Forward in Posters
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Benedict Cumberbatch Still Totally Looks Like an Otter

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Here's That Benedict Cumberbatch Made Out of Chocolate You Never Knew You Wanted

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Cumberbatch is Making Fine Cumber-hatched Furniture Now?

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The Sheffield University Student Newspaper Responds to Bumpycloop Cramerbutch's Engagement Announcement

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Cumberbatch of the Day: Benedict Plays 3-Word Stories with Jimmy Fallon

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Doctor Cumberbatch

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Marvel Rumor of the Day: Will Benedict Cumberbatch Play Doctor Strange?

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Benedict Cumberbatch Cannot Say "Penguins" for the Life of Him

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Benedict Cumberbatch Wins the Oscar for Best Photobomb

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Quite Possibly the Most British Picture Ever

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Reddit Knows What Sherlock Would Rather Be Doing

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Benedict Cumberbatch Recently Nominated for Best Performance by a Potato

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Pete White From Venture Bros. Totally Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange

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Sick of Being Bombarded By Neutrons? There's a Cream for That!

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Benedict Cumberboard Can Work as Well

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