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Futurama Memes That Aren't Futurama Fry

One of the most well-circulated old image macros is the Futurama Fry meme . In it, you see our buddy Fry squinting. The top line typically reads "Not sure if X," with "or just Y" as the bottom line, and is used to represent an internal monologue . It has always felt weird to me that this is the Futurama meme that stuck with people. In my honest opinion, Bender and Zoidberg have far more expressive stills and moments than this one from Fry. But alas, the meme makers of 2012 didn't ask for my opiā€¦
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Funny memes about Avatar: the Last Airbender

'Avatar' Memes For The Benders (34 Memes)

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bender hilarious - 5606377984
Created by xyzpdq1

Futurama Had the Best Meta-Humor

bender futurama - 8192988672

The Original Valentine's Day is Stupid Anyway!

bender futurama Valentines day - 8040886528
Created by Unknown

Note to Self: Do Not Take Dating Advice From Bender

bender socially awesome awkward penguin futurama - 8038494976
Created by Unknown

That Might Be Illegal, But I'm Sure Booze Will Be Great

bender - 7344906752
Created by Darkdraco654

What Else Is There to Do?

bender booze futurama - 7133128960
Created by Unknown

Were They By Chance Driving a Trans-Am?

sign bender driving literalism double meaning - 7059580416
Created by Farkward

John DiMaggio Totally Looks Like Sheamus

wrestler bender TLL sheamus futurama - 7042240256
Created by CMRock

The Real First Metal Bender

crossover bender Avatar the Last Airbender cartoons futurama - 6938483456
Via Ian Leino

I'm Gonna Go Build My Own Cell Phone

bender cell phones robots - 6850438656
Created by artbargra


bender star wars nutshell Star Trek - 6827869440
Created by AndysLife


bender toy tickle - 6816130560
Created by AndysLife

Bless Your Heart

bender futurama gifs Memes - 6482638848
Created by Unknown

Re-Framed: He Must be the Avatar!

Avatar bender cartoons futurama Memes - 6458795520
Created by (_o_)
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