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'I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!': Stepdad steps up at the parent teacher conference and wears the same shirt his kid got in trouble for at school, putting the overly strict teacher in his place

"I'd have given just about anything to see the look on his face"
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Video: 'The Legend Of Beavis' Is A Perfect Mashup

Featuring Beavis as Link
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34 Miscellaneous Memes That'll Make You Laugh And Roll Your Eyes

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Beautiful Memories

Funny meme about beavis and butthead.
Via distinguishedbaloney
Michael Bay beavis and butthead Video - 61622785

Beavis & Butthead, Directed by Michael Bay

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Beavis and Barthead

beavis and butthead the simpsons wtf - 7948891392

The Original Beavis And Butthead Sure Was Different

anime beavis and butthead wtf - 7941031168

Justin Bieber Wannabe Guy Totally Looks Like Butthead

beavis and butthead plastic surgery butthead totally looks like justin bieber - 7868039936
Created by thisisfun

Very Accurate

beavis and butthead sad but true funny justin bieber - 7736782080
Created by klambert

Everyone Thinks Summer is So Much Fun, But it Really Isn't

too hot beavis and butthead summer - 7702075392

It's Hard Getting a Place There

beavis and butthead signs puns funny - 7544028160
Created by installerblizzake

Butch Jones Totally Looks Like MTV's Mr. Buzzcutt

beavis and butthead totally looks like - 7420202240
Created by javadude

Is It Lunch Time Yet?

beavis and butthead cartoons school the internets - 6499129344
Created by MattDavis

Hey Butthead, Do You Think I'm Beautiful?

beavis and butthead best of week wtf - 5719419136
Created by butterflyperception

TLL Classics: This Girl Totally Looks Like Butthead

beavis and butthead big nose butthead cartoons classics girl mtv nose - 5042860800

Generic 90's Comedic Duos...

actors beavis and butthead blondes brunettes cartoons dana carvey Dumb and Dumber keanu reeves movies waynes world - 4949457152
Created by Konstance
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