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Funny memes for people who love skincare

Sassy Skincare Memes For People Who Know the Difference Between Retinol and Tretinoin

As a woman in her mid-thirties, the number of ads I get for anti-aging miracles is pretty preposterous. They even rival ads for egg-freezing services. Unfortunately, for most of my life, I've been largely ignorant of the importance of a solid skincare routine. Though my genetics have treated me well up til now, my skin is often dull, the fine lines are starting to form and I still get the occasional breakout. As the reality of my mortality and aging skin started nagging at me, I started dabblin…
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Millennial women discuss the unrealistic beauty standards created by media, movies, television, magazines

Millennial Women Discuss the Movies, Magazines, & Attitudes That Destroyed Their Self-Esteem

This may be hard for some people to believe, but millennials weren't always the weary, depressed, broke people lined up to order the latest take on avocado toast or specialty coffee beverages. Nay, we were once young and full of life and hope. Just kidding, we were once young and battling an incredibly toxic culture surrounding body image that seemed to come at us from all angles. While the thin and sickly “heroin chic" look had fallen out of style by the mid-nineties, slimness was still the ph…
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So True

Tweet that reads, "Honestly I have the PERFECT Italian renaissance bod right now and I'm so mad at y'all for changing the ideal feminine form on me. Titian would have worshipped me okay. Boticelli would be all up in my DMs"
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cover image of Photoshop fails with a guitar and women at a club

18 Cringe-Tastic Photoshop Fails That'll Make You Scratch Your Head

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women making ugly faces

41 Beautiful Women Making Ugly Faces Because Beauty Comes In Many Forms

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Today's Unicorns Are Pressured by Such Unrealistic Beauty Standards

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Showing Off the Real Me

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Our Society Has Some Messed Up Standards

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Our Society Has Some Messed Up Standards

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They Get In The Way of Forming Relationships

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