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So True

Tweet that reads, "Honestly I have the PERFECT Italian renaissance bod right now and I'm so mad at y'all for changing the ideal feminine form on me. Titian would have worshipped me okay. Boticelli would be all up in my DMs"
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cover image of Photoshop fails with a guitar and women at a club

18 Cringe-Tastic Photoshop Fails That'll Make You Scratch Your Head

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women making ugly faces

41 Beautiful Women Making Ugly Faces Because Beauty Comes In Many Forms

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Today's Unicorns Are Pressured by Such Unrealistic Beauty Standards

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Showing Off the Real Me

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Our Society Has Some Messed Up Standards

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Our Society Has Some Messed Up Standards

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They Get In The Way of Forming Relationships

Omegle trolling gender issues beauty standards - 8111410176
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