Come Back to Me When Your Beard is Turning White

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Old Buff Guy Totally Looks Like James Randi

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Christopher Knight Totally Looks Like James Hetfield

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Xehanort Totally Looks Like Jordan Rudess

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Check Out the Magic Power of a Beard in This Cool Stop Motion Video

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Ted Kaczynski Totally Looks Like NON

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Sometimes I Feel Crazy, Then I Watch This GIF

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That Beard Should Be in Every Photo

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A Happy Boat

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Raccoon Just Trying a Taste

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Beard Bearin' Badass

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Tenzin from The Legend of Korra Totally Looks Like Pagaya from One Piece

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Rick Rubin Totally Looks Like Rickard Karstark

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Dad Showing Off His New Car

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You Cannot Deny the Awesomeness of Beards

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Just Another Normal Croc Wearer

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