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17 Funny Beach Memes For Ocean Lovers Whose Vacation Isn't Over Yet

Sun, sea, and sand
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19 Gnarly Surfing Memes for Surfers Carving the Waves

Surfing takes a certain type of person—you either grew up doing it your whole life and are immersed in the surfing culture around you. Or you picked it up at some point and fell completely head over heals in love for it. There are no “yeah, surfing is fine” people out there. You are either call yourself a surfer or you don't. Have you ever been in the ocean when a giant waves starts to creep up on you? How does that wave make you feel? Terrified or excited? A real surfer would say excited. When…
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Florida Memes for Floridians and Friends

Oh, Florida. Perhaps one of the best states In America. Beautiful beaches, warm weather, incredible cities, and Disneyland. The perfect location for a family vacation or a peaceful retirement. Best of all, its population consists of some of this country's most unhinged individuals. Now, Florida gets a lot of hate. It’s become a meme to dunk on the state as if it’s one of the worst places to exist. I don’t necessarily agree with all the hate it gets. It is a genuinely great place to visit. I can…
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Travel Memes For Summer Vacationers

"Can't seem to get my mind off of you"
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Voluptuous Diet Memes for Thicc Folks Failing to Achieve Their Summer Body in Time for Pool Days

I blame genetics
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Twitter story about a woman caught running around on all fours at Miami Beach

Woman Spotted Running On All Fours On Miami Beach, Twitter is Impressed And Horrified

So freaky
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Woman Takes ‘Luxury’ All-Inclusive Vacation, Exposes Terrible Food

They're like rations
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People Are Horrified At This Aesthetic Account’s Idea Of A Perfect Date

Diarrhea central
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Woman on TikTok catches husband filming another woman at the beach in Florida, creepy, marriage, betrayal, hurtful

TikToker Catches Husband Filming Bikini'd Babe, Enrages the Internet

Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm tuba…we're about to share a tale of a comical error of judgement. You know, some serious “dog house” behavior. Today's tale of internet facepalm-ery comes courtesy of married TikToker @thicctok5280 who shared the following video from her Florida vacation. @thicctok5280 ##married ##men ##husbands ##dadsoftiktok ##momsoftiktok ##florida ##maincharacter ♬ Paradise - Bazzi As you can see, @thicctok5280 was really hamming it up in the gently lapping Florida waves for her…
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Sunny Memes For This Long Hot Summer

Trying to stay cool.
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Uh, No Thanks

Funny tweet that reads, "Any geologists or beachcombers out there know what this is, or should I just accept that it's 2020, of course rocks have grown teeth, and move on?" above photos of a rock that appears to have been split in half and is being kept together by a substance that looks like teeth
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Come Back Higgins

Funny pic about a lost Roomba named Higgins | LOST ROOMBA His name is "Higgins". s' 35cm / 9cm high / 2.8Kg DOES NOT BITE Roomba app info: Battery: 3% Dust bin: 190% My husband left our bungalow door open and our Roomba escaped !!! We followed his cleaning track for 4 Km down to the beach Where we lost his trail. HIGGINS CAN NOT SWIM !!! Please help us to bring Higgins backl ttT%RMEOFF
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Funny memes about going on vacation | stunning island view through a plane's window Bora Bora demiikyless man wanna go but pora pora. lisa simpson with her hair braided White girls on vacation Caribbean

Vacation Memes Just In Time For The Holiday Season

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Funny tweet that reads, "What happened here??" above a photo of a crab holding onto a dollar; someone replies below, "Me millionth dollar"
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Funny meme where a guy on the beach represents "People not thinking that it be like it is," and an incoming tsunami represents "It, when it do"
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15 Summery Memes To Help Cool You Down

15 Summer Memes For Those Just Trying To Survive The Heat Wave

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