Funny video parodying David Attenborough narrating 'Planet Earth' using the 'Karen' stereotype

Planet Earth: The Evolution Of The Karen

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Funny memes and moments from the TV show 'Doctor Who'

Fifteen 'Doctor Who' Memes And Moments For The Hardcore Whovians

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Funny video of a big BBC news blooper

This BBC News Eff-Up Might Be The Cringiest On-Air Blunder Ever

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nature aww scary angry birds birds bbc rescue - 5327365

Reporter Is In For A Surprise After Rescuing An Unconscious, Injured Bird

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BBC On Fire

Funny meme about the BBC using the word lit, someone doesn't like it, the BBC posts pic of someone dabbing as reply.
Via Anarchy Reigns


Funny meme about a man who looks for love with messages in a bottle, gets fined for littering.
Via Dank Memes Gang
kanye west music video celeb bbc Video - 81255937

BBC Radio Made a Music Star-Studded SFW Version of Kanye West's 'Famous' Video and It's Just as Weird as the Original

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radio Music adele david attenborough bbc Video - 75539457

Sit Back and Listen to Sir David Attenborough Narrate Adele's Hello

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Dude, BBC is Broadcasting your Bald Spot

bald bbc spot - 4707559168
By Floydian4ever
On-Air Blooper whoops bbc Video fail nation - 64818433

Someone at the BBC in Scotland is Going to Get Axed

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Well Done, BBC

bbc spaghetti - 8176192768
news live news weather bbc Video - 64367873

And the Weatherman With the Screw-Up...

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bbc - 62479617

This Audience Member on 'Question Time' is Super Passionate About Keeping Britain Together

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Maybe Bananas Aren't the Snack For You

monday thru friday photobomb news banana bbc g rated - 8406191872
Via @mikewhills
trolltube bbc Video - 66583809

Jennifer Aniston is the Worst Interview Guest Ever

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stand up stand-up comedy comedy bbc Video - 66106625

Please Allow Comedienne Nadia Kamil to Explain Why She Hates Shoes for Four Minutes

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