Nothing Obliterated AAs With More Devastating Efficiency

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No More Wasted Batteries!

game boy advance batteries wii - 8129602048
Created by DarkKisame

Now You Know

mindwarp gifs balance lifehacks batteries - 8504608256

A Battery's Bounce is Determined By It's Charge

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Shut Up And Take My Money!

want modern living gifs batteries win - 8461790976
Created by ToolBee ( Via The Wonder Cube )
robots batteries Video - 66791169

These Battery Organizing Robots Are Mesmerizing

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Someone Had a Strange Imagination

batteries funny idiots wtf toothpaste - 8240378112
Created by Unknown

So That's What Happens When You Hook Up 244 9 Volt Batteries

mindwarp gifs batteries - 8209173504
Created by Unknown

I Wish My Phone Had a Battery Like That

batteries nintendo nintendo ds - 8183814400
Via Ponox

Warped Nostalgia

wtf nostalgia batteries - 8110624768
Created by Unknown

Can't Tell if Science or Magic

batteries funny troll science remote - 7993923584
Created by Unknown

How You Know Your Uncle Is a Jerk

batteries funny gift present uncle - 7983280384
Created by Unknown

Proof Books Are Better Than Tablets or Ereaders

signs books batteries - 7950518784
Created by Unknown

Marketing Done Right

marketing batteries - 7950481152
Created by Unknown

Stupid Phone

Y U NO phones charging batteries - 7892540160
Created by calvinmennyweathers

Bowser! Ur an Idiot, Geez!

bowser batteries nintendo - 7881327360
Created by Unknown
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