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Cringey Bathroom Signs Roasted For Terrible Use of Gender Roles

Let's just stick with unisex, okay?
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This Is Not A Drill: Meghan Trainor And Her Husband Use Twin Toilets

Just why?
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Cringey & Criminal Design Offenses

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Where's the lie?

Funny meme about how upstairs bathrooms are always nicer than downstairs bathrooms
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No, YOU'RE Beautiful

Funny meme about boys bathrooms and girls bathrooms in school
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Funny meme about paper towel dispenser prank.
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33 Memes & Tweets To Keep You From Losing Your Sh*t

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Toilets with threatening auras.

'Toilets With Threatening Auras' Is Our New Favorite Page

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Yeah I Think I'll Just Poop At Home Thanks

Bathroom stalls with doors above the toilets
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Grill Daddy

Funny meme about changing station diagram looking like barbequeing a baby.
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Expert Level Multitasking

bathrooms peeing pooping - 8602497024
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You Might Want to Get That Checked Out...

bathrooms urinal - 8208664576

Not Sure How Much I'll Need

bathrooms gifs toilet paper Cats - 8539724800
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Can You Suffer Burns Underwater?

Bathroom Graffiti bathrooms graffiti sharks yo momma your mom public bathrooms - 8135358720

An Honest Mistake

bathrooms - 8274941184

Of All the Places to Put a Mirror

bathrooms urinals mirrors - 7782565888
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