March Madness Final Four

Do You Have Skin in the Game: March Madness Final Four is this Weekend, Who's in Your Bracket?

The NCAA March Madness Final Four and Championship are this weekend and on Monday! Who's going to win? Who's in your bracket? Check out the hype here!
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15+ Embarrassing Times People Simped Way Too Hard For Something

Don't be like this
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A compilation of NFL and professional football themed memes

NFL Memes For Football Fiends

We're finally back into the groove of football season , which makes me think about how I first got into football. I became a fan at my high school games, soaking up the Friday Night Lights that Texas does best. In college, I moved on to following the antics of the Big 10. Now that I'm an adult, it's about time I settled down with an NFL team. It's so interesting to hear about how different people first got interested in the game. So many of us really came for the vibes: the energy of a football…
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Funny tweets about Floyd Mayweather's bling at the Miami heat game, necklaces, drip, fashion

Floyd Mayweather Roasted For His Excessive Bling at a Miami Heat Game

Do people still use the word ‘bling’ to describe flashy jewelry? Or are we saying ‘drip’ now? Whatever the terminology, Floyd Mayweather was sporting it at the Heat vs. Spurs game in Miami this past weekend. His excessive and excessively thick chains may have even been wearing him. At least that's what the fashion police of the internet are saying. Floyd 😂 — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) February 27, 2022 Bleacher Report tweeted a still of Mayweather at the game,…
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Employee Calls in Sick, Boss Catches Her in 4K at Basketball Game

We've all taken sick days to play hooky from work. It's human nature. But getting caught is never fun. After TikToker @kdimagery360 called in sick, the next day her boss texted her a photo of herself live on TV enjoying a Warriors game. She was truly caught in 4K. TikTokers in the replies were overwhelmingly supportive, arguing that what someone does on a sick day is none of their boss' business. Keep scrolling to see the amusing video and some of the best comments.
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Top GOP Lawmaker Goes Nuts on Referee at Son's Basketball Game, Tries and Fails to Pants Him

Funny video of Tennessee representative, republican Jeremy Faison, fighting with referee at son's basketball game
Via @HeartlandSignal
If you ever played sports as a kid, you're certain to remember that aggro dad who would get in the Coach or ref's face when they disagreed with a call. It usually happened when the call was not in favor of their progeny. And it was embarrassing as hell, especially for the child they're supposed to be rooting for. Tennessee representative and House GOP Chair Jeremy Faison emulated this type of dad perfectly a couple nights ago - and the footage is positively cringe. Faison goes in on the poor re…
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Mesmerizingly Dumb Video Shows People Repeatedly Trip Over Basketball Court

Mind the step…
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funny video of adam sandler playing pickup game of basketball goes viral, long island, fashion, baggy clothing

Adam Sandler Impresses Twitter After Pickup Basketball Game Goes Viral

He's got skills.
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Funny footage of Prince playing Basketball during lovesexy tour, charlie murphy story from Dave Chappelle's Show, music, skills

Video Of Prince Playing Basketball Backs Up Charlie Murphy's Classic 'Chappelle's Show' Story

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Funny meme, autocorrect holy shot basketball, jesus christ
Via Miiaka
funny memes featuring michael jorden, chicago bulls, the last dance, funny memes, so i took that personally, karen memes, joe exotic, carole baskin | restaurant worker just trying do their job Karen and took personally | Dezirae dezirae29 Trump says virus is fake Covid and took personally

Fifteen Overly Sensitive 'And I Took That Personally' Memes

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Funny memes of Shaq reading, shaquille o'neal, dank memes, relatable memes, reading | Teacher: Time sex ed Ed: | kid with bad stutter raising his hand during group reading knowing damn well he's gonna spend 20 minutes on 1 page

Seventeen Saucy 'Shaq Reading' Memes

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Funny memes of Michael Jordan laughing | kelly cohen @ByKellyCohen my eyebrow lady she finally sees again GIF 10:57 PM 5/10/20 Washington, DC Twitter iPhone | Dave Itzkoff @ditzkoff cat who eats lasagna 11:01 PM 5/10/20 Twitter iPhone

'Laughing Michael Jordan' Memes Are Giving 'Crying Jordan' A Run For His Money

He's just so memeable.
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Funny dank memes featuring The Rock and professional Chinese basketball player Sun Ming Ming | My dad trying pay Lego set looking tough pretty cashier CALIF | who did all work extrovert who's presénting our project TALA

Dank Memes Featuring The Rock Looking Tiny Next To A Pro Basketball Player

We always love us a good 'Rock' meme!
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Why Did You Name Your Kid That, Lebron

Funny tweet that reads, "Lebron James Jr won't wear his dad's number: 'He doesn't want people to know who he is;'" someone replies below, "Coming in number 4 Lebron James Jr.;' 'Ayo bruh who that guy is'"
Via thememerman124
Funny memes, funny tweets, stephen curry, willem dafoe, good tweets, sad memes, silly memes.

34 Goofy Tweets & Memes That'll Make You A Little Less Miserable

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