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Funny Twitter meme about things that are 'Not a Personality Trait' | koby @kobychill mbh dear old people breaking hip is not personality trait! 11:05 AM Oct 13, 2018 Twitter iPhone

Lame 'Personality Traits' Get Roasted In This Amusing Twitter Meme

Shots fired.
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Starterpacks that are so relatable | Apology Video Starterpack sorry disappointed crying without tears Video taken on floor hair in a top knot grey hoodie no makeup

15 Freshly Baked Starter Pack Memes For The Basic In You

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Funny starter pack memes | Gen Z 2060 Starterpacks Google "Well prefer searching on Google" Prefer "adult contemporary anime" before 20's Using "smart" phone instead Lens Listen music without biochip stonks Laugh at meme man Type with physical device Driving car themselves Keep saying something cyber-ist during dinner

Fourteen Fresh Starter Pack Memes For Basic Betches

Relatable content!
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Funny starter pack memes about stereotypes of certain types of people - cover image includes "The 'I went to private school but I'm not a hipster' starter pack, and "The 'police officers risk their lives to protect us' starter pack"

Starter Packs That Take 'Basic' To A Whole New Level

Basic betches rule.
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Funny starter pack memes

Fifteen Stupid Starter Pack Memes For Basic People

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It's PSL Time, Baby

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: ...Pumpkin spice: ..." above a still in The Office of Idris Elba's character saying, "I am aware of the effect I have on women"
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Funny video making a mockery of guys who like stereotypical things

Things Basic Bros Love (Video)

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Get out the sparklers.

Funny meme about basic white women planning weddings with twine, mason jars, @middleclassfancy.
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Coachella memes and tweets and funny pictures

14 Hater Coachella Memes That'll Help Your Inner Basic Shine Through

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Funny memes, basic bitches, live laugh love, live laugh love memes. | She "omg cant even" and ends up like, literally dying Lived Laughed Loved ENN ON | Man -  walk someone's house and they have Live. Laugh. Love. sign hanging up @horror memes

13 'Live Laugh Love' Memes That Take A Stand Against The Basic

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starbucks coffee memes

14 Starbucks Memes That'll Anger Any Coffee Snob

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Live Laugh Love

Tweet that reads, "Me: How bad is it doc; Doctor: She's developed a severe case of decorative house speech disorder; My mom: Life is what happens between coffee and wine; Doctor: I'm so sorry; My mom: Bless the food before us, the family beside us and the love between us"
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scarily accurate starter packs

27 Starter Packs That Will Speak Your Truth For You

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specific niche starter packs

14 Oddly Niche Starter Packs That Might Creep You Out With Their Accuracy

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Live Laugh Love <3

Caption that reads, "Omg literally goals" above four pics of goals
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Nah, Let Them Be

Tweet that reads, "Should we check up on the girls who got a tattoo of an infinity symbol in 2014 or should we just let them be"
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