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Man Gets Caught In 4K With Audacious Drink Smuggling Attempt

Did he really think that would work?
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Funny tweet about a kid named Cash Money | This kid was gifted with the best name ever, and he's using it wisely CASH MONEY Bake's brott" P 3BLAKE MONEY Age:12 weight: 'E Has 3siuin s:
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Twitter, Funny Twitter, Epic Fail, Gaming Community, Gamers, Video Games, Major League Baseball, Roasted | Aubrey Huff @aubrey_huff Grown ass men that play video games, ask yourself this. ...when's the last time you've been laid? | Bad Tweet Man @Bad_Tweet_Man Replying to Having fun? Psht, that's degenerate aryan men pick up sticks and watch paint dry

Retired MLB Player Aubrey Huff Roasted By Gamers

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Funny and sweet twitter thread from scott hershovitz about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fantasy baseball | Scott Hershovitz @shershovitz Today happy RBG memory time talked her into talking trash OT06 clerks had fantasy baseball league. Some chambers had teams. Some individual clerks did. And Justice Alito wanted team himself, not his clerks. 1/11 | last week term Ginsburg clerks were matched against Alito's team. RBG on losing end lot term. Not this time destroyed him: 10-0.

Former Clerk Shares Wholesome Story Of RBG & Fantasy Baseball 'Trash Talk'

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Funny memes featuring a guy seemingly mansplaining something to a woman who looks uninterested | and at point she realized his Dad's oil money wasn't worth bro tales | So like unless sick can't die virus not afraid shit at all and boys destroyed 4 six packs corona last night and this morning woke up fucking champ Imao. But seriously 's just media

14 Bro-y Memes About Mansplaining

Gotta love a good mansplaining!
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So Effing Annoying

Funny meme that reads, "Nobody: wheels on a shopping cart" above an aerial photo of four lopsided baseball fields
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That's Just Impressive

Caption that reads, "Thanks to whoever put a tree on our baseball field" above a pic of a single tree planted on a baseball field, next to caption that reads, "Someone stole our freaking a full-grown 15-foot tree" above a pic of a plot where a tree had clearly been stolen
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Funny tweets from Shanna Shi about pokemon that have the same hair as major league players

Pokémon And MLB Players Collide In This Hilarious Twitter Thread

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Can Breathe On Land *And* In Water - Incredible!

Caption that reads, "'You're sure that's the right word?' 'Like 80% sure, yeah;' 'Print it' above a headline that reads, "Amphibious pitcher makes debut"
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You're Killin' Me Smalls

Caption that reads, "The greatest power hitter in the history of baseball and Aaron Judge" above a pic of Ham from The Sandlot next to pro baseball player Aaron Judge of The Yankees
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A Tiny Player In The Making

Pic of a kid playing baseball with a bio that says he has a crush on his teacher
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Funny twitter meme about baseball sex metaphor.

Twitter's Takes On Baseball Sex Metaphors Are Self-Deprecating Gold

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Who Says Baseball is Boring?

Someone explain this picture from a baseball game. There are several players lying down on the field. Someone responds that it is naptime.
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This Baseball Playing Optical Illusion Has People Arguing Over If He's Right or Left Handed

baseball optical illusion This Baseball Playing Optical Illusion Has People Arguing Over If He's a Right or Left Handed
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jokes about the last time team the chicago cubs won the world series

Twitter Users Share Amazing "Facts" About What Was Going on in the World Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series

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This is my favourite baroque painting

baseball - 8986450176
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