Twitter stories, tweets about people looking out for women

Wholesome Stories of Heroes Looking Out For Women

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear helmets, others stethoscopes. But some kind-hearted heroes work behind a bar, wielding rags and working for tips. We all know that bartenders have hard jobs. Wrangling drunks and scrambling for tiny tips isn't easy. But we don't often talk about the way bartenders look out for their clientele, whether they're offering an ear to a troubled person, or protecting women from creepy patrons. Twitter user @guttersnipe tweeted about the latter situation this week,…
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Bartending Memes For All the Saints Serving Up the Sauce

Being a bartender may seem like a glamorous and perk-filled gig to some people, but it's not everything it's cracked up to be. While it may seem fun and benevolent to be getting people drunk, the duty comes with the bonuses of semi-frequent vomit, belligerence, creepy guys, finger-snapping, and people who expect freebies. Even as a bartender in a restaurant, my clientele may have been politely seated at the bar, but the servers sending me tickets had no concept of the time it takes to make cock…
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Bartenders share the drinks they hate making

Bartenders Share the Drinks They Absolutely Hate to Make

It's no secret that bartending can be a frustrating gig. It's tough standing for hours on end, dealing with annoying drunk people and bad tippers. Sometimes things even get physical. But the most annoying part of the job is sometimes as simple as making a mojito. That's what we've learned from a particularly educational thread on the Bar Memes Facebook group. The community is a haven for service workers , a place where they can share jokes, experiences, and even ask for advice with the knowledg…
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TikToker Asks Viewers to Name One Thing They're Actually Good at After Drinking, Sparks Hilarious Responses

TikToker Asks Viewers to Name One Thing They're Actually Good at After Drinking, Sparks Hilarious Responses

Pizza. Everyone's better at pizza when they're drunk. No further explanation needed.
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Funny tweets about why people read books at bars.

Dude Gets Called Out After Dissing People Who Read in Bars

Think before you post.
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Twitter debate about the cost of double shot

Bartender Shares Snarky Message From Customer, Ignites Debate Over the Price of Doubles

People love to bash writers of snarky receipt notes. But some people think this customer was in the right.
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Bartenders share their least favorite parts of the job

15+ Bartenders Share the Worst Aspects of Their Jobs

Bless their hearts.
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funny service industry memes | Will be leaving any tip on order? Customer Blinking white guy Drew Scanlon | TALKING MY TABLE WALKING AWAY MY TABLE Kanye West smiling and serious

Memes For Weary Service Industry Warriors

We salute you.
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Funny tweets about rude and entitled patio people, restaurants, patios, funny | lemon labradorite @mamandelulu Replying xLaboure @freshhel and @hooleil Classic. Also s really sunny at this table don't have another spot looking at same damn packed patio they are no mean, yes inside. This is outside, ma'am sun is just out here and stuff | certified wide @bacchus2014 Replying freshhel and @lunch_enjoyer worked at an outdoor restaurant with covered outdoor patio. Table insisted on sitting out there

Twitter Users Bond Over The Heartless Entitlement Of Patio Diners

They don't care if you live or you die.
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