Funny and WTF video of a giant Barney the Dinosaur balloon collapsing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City

Video Of Massive Barney Balloon Collapsing At Thanksgiving Day Parade In '97

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Creepy Barney the Dinosaur labeled "old people with coupons" staring creepily at a small unsuspecting child labeled "cashiers"
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Careful, He's Actually a Shark

barney pool image - 8983730688
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Is It Any Surprise That Barney Likes It When They Call Him 'Big Poppa'?

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Expectations vs Reality

image barney expectations Expectations vs Reality
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Notorious B.A.R.N.E.Y. is Out to Get Money

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We Ran Into the First Guy You Said I Love You To

ran into barney at the bar
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Get Tyrannosaurus Rekt, Barney

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That's Wonderful News

Music kids barney funny - 8407993088
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Wake Up, Sheeple!

illuminati satan barney dinosaurs - 8381630208

Sharing is Scaring

barney sad but true web comics - 8208868352

Peak Oil is No Joke

barney sad but true web comics - 8038321920
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Someone Explain to Me What Is Going on Here

wtf barney funny - 7851326720
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What About Fife?

barney barney stinson funny - 7733347328
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youtube barney funny - 7514498816
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Classic: Ridiculously Photogenic Barney

barney HIMYM ridiculously photogenic guy - 6152788736
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