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'He looks SO Aussie': American Traveler Goes Viral for Cutting a Mullet to Assimilate With His Australian Friends

The way it WORKED
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25+ Haircut Memes for Taking Just a Little off the Top

She asks me why, I'm just a hairy guy
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20 Facial Hair Memes for Beard Growers & Moustache Twirlers

Perfectly trimmed
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Snippy Hairstylist Memes That Take More Than a Little Off the Top

Just a trim
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20+ People Whose Hairdressers Should Be Fired

No-one wielding scissors should be given this much power.
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Barber Shares Humorous, Glowing Review Of His Afro Shaping Skills

"I gotcha G".
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20 People With Impressively Cursed Hairstyles

What were their hairdressers going for?
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Funny hairstyles, cringey hairstlles | VANSA OFF WALL finished, hair done by bowl cut | eggs in a birds nest

29 Unfortunate Hairstyles Jam-Packed With Cringe

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Just Don't Care Anymore

Funny meme that reads, "How people be coming out of quarantine after not seeing a barber for months" above images of different Spongebob characters with overgrown facial hair
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28 Times Visionary Barbers Said 'Say No More Fam'

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Funny meme about psychic barber
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Funny meme about hairdo that looks like a tractor broke down.
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Can You Also Tell Me Who I'm Going to Marry?

psychic barber image - 8981492736
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When Your Need Something To Really Bring Out the Dead Look in Your Eyes

barber killer - 8821894912
Created by EatOfAss

Add a Little Pink so It's Feminine

Hair - Barber: Whatchu want? "I want everybody to know that I'm offended by everything." Barber: Say no more

I Prefer My Haircuts Well Done

Hair - Barber: What you want? Him: Medium rare please Barber: Say no more
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