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In a Galaxy Far, Far on the Other Side

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By buckles_b (Via

Don't You Dare Question the iPhone 5!

apple Bar Graph iphone 5 - 6611157248
By PetePete

You Do Realize There Are Snacks, Right?

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Where's the Rest of It?

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By drodfan2009

The Friendship Test

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By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

Do I Have to Get Up?

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By Unknown

It Was Fate

Bar Graph books movies real life winning - 6579119360
By Rage_Machine

Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes

Bar Graph crush hollywood IRL movies - 6575585280
By biologial

And Now Everyone's Staring at Me

Bar Graph loud public sneezing - 6576417536
By Unknown

That's Just What "They" Want You to Think

Bar Graph conspiracy proof - 6351525376
By Unknown

Ugh, What Are We Feeding You?

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By Unknown


Bar Graph iraq military perspective politics usa war - 6526663424
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This Music Is Biblical

Bar Graph bible heavy metal Music religion - 6531309568
By eatfresh4evr

Lean Back

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By S.P.A-Bits (Via Bite)

I Think This Says Something About Humanity's Interests

Bar Graph information internet length wikipedia - 6511580416
By Unknown

Bourbon and Cola

Bar Graph drinking FRIDAY - 6476311040
By daniandan