funny banksy hoax People Showed Up To a Fake Banksy Meet and Greet and Were Met By an Average Man
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When this Facebook event was started in September of 2015, many called it fake, but they were totally wrong. Kind of. 

In true Banksy style (probably?), he did not show up to this meet and greet, instead the few people who still showed up got to meet the definition of an average man. Literally, when you search Google for 'an average man' the first image that comes up is a picture of Michael Whatley, the man in the banner of this event.  He wasn't associated with the event's creation but, since he was the man in the picture he decided to stop by and he was ready to paint some faces. 

via Michael Whatley

And paint faces he did. Attendees included this lovely lady carrying handfuls of spaghetti. Now her face says "Banksy Was Here". 

via Maddie Rose 

Hopefully she'll turn it into a tattoo to make this special moment permanent. 

via Village Voice 


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